Writing Programs for the first time!!

Writing programs always seemed difficult before I actually learned about it and how to do it. With the very little HTML and JavaScript knowledge I had thanks to Colt Steele’s tutorials, I was able to write the four programs for class. The setup was easy and so was merging the two files. The only part that was a little difficult was wording the code correctly so that it does exactly what you want; leaving out one character changes everything and can make the code not work. There were some that I kept forgetting, like the semi colons, or the quotations, or putting the spaces in between the quotation and a variable.

The console was pretty easy to understand also. There are certain commands that are pretty straight forward and some that will take some getting used to. The tutorials and the websites are great resources and I will definitely keep referring to them.

Here are the codes that I wrote:

Favorite desserts 

Credits Remaining 

Your Name

Favorite Quote

Final Days!!!!!

As the semester comes to an end, I realized there are so much things that I learned from this class. It turned out to be a great experience. I learned to make gifs, use photoshop, made my own website and did a lot in between.

One of the blogs I had fun making was the net art gif making project. It was interesting to have a gif play on top of a still image and have it look like it belonged there all along. The project was pretty easy to do after Prof. Ryan walked us through it. My gif worked perfectly on top of my still image. The only problem I had with this was saving it. It wouldn’t play as a gif after I saved it, but Prof. Ryan showed me how to video what I was doing on the computer and save it that way.

Throughout the class the only thing that was frustrating was not keeping up with my blogs. I didn’t do the animated graffiti post until recently and it was a little hard to do, but Youtube and Google is always great help. I didn’t complete this right away, but I liked doing it on my own because I felt accomplished after making it, I also know Prof. Ryan would’ve gladly helped me if i needed the help.  I really liked the final product though, check it out and let me know what you think!

I had a lot of fun making my own website, haniffsweettreats.com. I wrote a blog on my reaction to doing this already, but it really was the best part of the class. Since I like baking and I’ve been doing it for a little while now, almost everyone I know kept telling me to make a website. I always thought it was going to be hard and a lot to manage, so I never got around to doing it. When I heard that we had to make a website for this class, I thought perfect opportunity!! It was really easy to make the website and it’s not hard at all to manage. The theme that I chose for my website is Sela. I like this one because you can see each blog as you scroll. A lot of the other themes I tried only showed a couple lines from each post and you had to click on it to see the rest. Then if you wanted to see another one, you had to go back and click the next post. I didn’t like this because I find it a little annoying to have to do that. With the Sela theme I feel like it a flows.

One thing I still want to get better in is using Photoshop. Aside from using Photoshop for this class, I used it to make a flyer. I want to get better at Photoshop, I will be able to make gifs or a slideshow of things I’ve made. I can add these gifs to recipe post, if I decide to make that in the future. I’m not completely comfortable with it, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it once I continue to use it more.

After this class is over, I will be keeping my website and update it. When I feel like I’m ready the site will be a place people can reach me if they’re interested in buying a cake or some pastries. I will be keeping my domain name the same and I will be keeping my Reclaim Hosting account.

We did it guys!! Enjoy your break!!! 🙂

2 face Jolie

After making my portraits gif, I made the pictures into paper airplanes. Then after throwing a few at my sister, I noticed Angelina Jolie’s face looked different when I was picking it up. I looked at it horizontally and brought it up vertically and saw that her facial expression changed. I thought it looked funny and made a gif out of it.

I also tried making a gif with a caption over it. This was pretty easy considering that the caption option was right at the bottom of the gif.



For this assignment I used the the Vine app. I made the video of my portraits manually by printing the image out and video while i was flipping each picture. This was my first time using Vine to make a video and I thought it was cool to be able to video,  stop and continue when you want.

This was my result by just using the Vine app.

I wanted to have it play like a gif and not a video though, so I tried to use Imgur. I was able to go through the process but it wouldn’t load and make my gif. I tried Giphy next and this one worked, it loaded quickly and I like the outcome.


After a long day, one thing I definitely like to do to unwind and relax is watching either a good show or movie. I watch a lot of shows in different genres, comedy, action, drama. Here are some of things that I like watching and can remember.



When it comes to movies, I can watch anything, comedy, horror, action, romance, crime thriller. I prefer comedies and actions any day though.

What are some of your favorite shows or movie, and do you guys have any good recommendations?


I started baking a couple years ago with the internet as my knowledge and my reference. As I started to put my take on things and make my pastries my own, people started to take an interest in it. Since then I’ve gotten some orders to make different things from cakes right down to cookies.

Throughout my time baking, I’ve made mistakes but I learned from them and I improve. I have a great support team around me! Everyone from my parents to sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents encourage me. They’re also always ready for a taste test too!

I haven’t been baking much recently, but here are a few of the cakes and pastries that I’ve made so far.


I will later be making a separate social media account where I will post pictures and have a link directing people to my blog.


Falling apple

This was one of the easiest yet difficult things I did. I recently did this at home. I have Photoshop on my computer but it’s not the same version as the one we use at school. I couldn’t find the timeline feature,so I tried to do this project on my phone.

I used two different apps. I started out by making and saving each frame individually on an app called Photoshop Mix. I was able to make the apple look like it was falling while making the one that was on the tree look opaque. After getting my frames, I used another app called Gif Maker to make the frames into a gif. This worked perfectly and I loved the way the gif looked, but there was a watermark on the gif that I couldn’t remove. I googled how to remove a watermark from a gif on Photoshop.

When I went on Photoshop I was kind of exploring what else I can do on it, and I came across an “animate” feature after clicking save for web. Upon discovering this, I did a victory dance,

and then I went on to trying to animate the apple on Photoshop. This wasn’t that hard because I already knew how I wanted to do it and I used this video to guide me a little. It doesn’t look exactly like I wanted but this is my finished product, pretty happy with it!

Semester so far

Am I the only one that thought this semester didn’t really feel like a semester? It was just some days of waking up, going to York, doing some work just to come back home and do more work. Since I only go to school three times a week this semester, I have…..5 days left of school!!!!

I honestly didn’t know how much days I had left until I checked it for this blog. MOMENT OF REALIZATION!!

Break is so close, but so far away. Just a couple more blogs to go, the finishing touches on my website, and presentation.

Then finishing up some work for my other classes, then finals week.



NMSK Day or National Muslim Soup Kitchen day was on April 29. Masjid As-Siddiq participated in it this year again. We catered to 400 people this year, which is a lot more compared to our 35 people from last year. The people we catered to were spread out between 3 different locations.

I like being a part of this because it really feels good to help others when they need it. Seeing the smile on peoples face and knowing that I was a part of making that happen was all it took in return.

We were all genuinely happy to be helping and we will continue to participate in more things like this in the future. Hopefully we will be able to cater to more people also.

For the soup kitchen, I usually make the dessert. This year I made brownies and a cake. Since I am still a beginner at baking, I tried my best and had plenty of help at home. Wouldn’t have been able to make this without the tremendous support I get from my family and friends! 🙂




Although I have to get up early every morning, Thursday is the only day in my week where I have to go to school for 10 o’ clock. Since it’s about an hour commute to school, and the bus is never on time, I have to leave my house early in order to make it on time.Although I’m always late with everything in the morning, I’m surprised I actually get to school on time…..most of the time.

Thursdays makes me feel like I’m still in high school. The semester is almost over, but I’m still not used to going in for a 10 o’ clock class. I prefer afternoon classes.