Writing Programs for the first time!!

Writing programs always seemed difficult before I actually learned about it and how to do it. With the very little HTML and JavaScript knowledge I had thanks to Colt Steele’s tutorials, I was able to write the four programs for class. The setup was easy and so was merging the two files. The only part that was a little difficult was wording the code correctly so that it does exactly what you want; leaving out one character changes everything and can make the code not work. There were some that I kept forgetting, like the semi colons, or the quotations, or putting the spaces in between the quotation and a variable.

The console was pretty easy to understand also. There are certain commands that are pretty straight forward and some that will take some getting used to. The tutorials and the websites are great resources and I will definitely keep referring to them.

Here are the codes that I wrote:

Favorite desserts 

Credits Remaining 

Your Name

Favorite Quote