Copyright Law

The copyright law came about in 1976. It says that the creator of a piece of work has ownership over it. The creator is the only one that can choose how to and who can use it. They are able to say if people can alter it or not. This act is in effect up until 70 years after the creator’s death. After the expiration date, the piece becomes public domain and anyone can do anything with it.

I found this article interesting. It’s about a man that used someone else picture, pixelated it. This was seen as infringement to attorneys that represented the photographer. He ended up having to pay $32,500 before he was able to use the artwork again.

Although the copyright law exists, it’s not the most flawless law. Some copyright piece of work is okay to use if they pass certain requirements. For example, if the piece of work has been transformed, it’s considered “fair use.” This now comes down to someone’s opinion of if something is “transformed.” The judge has the say on if the piece is transformed or not and if it’s considered fair use or infringed. He gives a couple examples of work that has been transformed and is okay to use. I believe that he transformed the piece of work and therefore should be “fair use.”

When it comes down to people’s opinions , they’re not always the same and therefore you can’t judge everyone the same and won’t always get equal justice.


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