Falling apple

This was one of the easiest yet difficult things I did. I recently did this at home. I have Photoshop on my computer but it’s not the same version as the one we use at school. I couldn’t find the timeline feature,so I tried to do this project on my phone.

I used two different apps. I started out by making and saving each frame individually on an app called Photoshop Mix. I was able to make the apple look like it was falling while making the one that was on the tree look opaque. After getting my frames, I used another app called Gif Maker to make the frames into a gif. This worked perfectly and I loved the way the gif looked, but there was a watermark on the gif that I couldn’t remove. I googled how to remove a watermark from a gif on Photoshop.

When I went on Photoshop I was kind of exploring what else I can do on it, and I came across an “animate” feature after clicking save for web. Upon discovering this, I did a victory dance,

and then I went on to trying to animate the apple on Photoshop. This wasn’t that hard because I already knew how I wanted to do it and I used this video to guide me a little. It doesn’t look exactly like I wanted but this is my finished product, pretty happy with it!

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