Copyright Law

The copyright law came about in 1976. It says that the creator of a piece of work has ownership over it. The creator is the only one that can choose how to and who can use it. They are able to say if people can alter it or not. This act is in effect up until 70 years after the creator’s death. After the expiration date, the piece becomes public domain and anyone can do anything with it.

I found this article interesting. It’s about a man that used someone else picture, pixelated it. This was seen as infringement to attorneys that represented the photographer. He ended up having to pay $32,500 before he was able to use the artwork again.

Although the copyright law exists, it’s not the most flawless law. Some copyright piece of work is okay to use if they pass certain requirements. For example, if the piece of work has been transformed, it’s considered “fair use.” This now comes down to someone’s opinion of if something is “transformed.” The judge has the say on if the piece is transformed or not and if it’s considered fair use or infringed. He gives a couple examples of work that has been transformed and is okay to use. I believe that he transformed the piece of work and therefore should be “fair use.”

When it comes down to people’s opinions , they’re not always the same and therefore you can’t judge everyone the same and won’t always get equal justice.


The shape of you

The shape of you by Ed Sheeran was a good song the first couple of times I heard it, it was catchy.

But since then it’s been playing over and over again on every station!

Even when I didn’t hear the song, it gets stuck in my head…

In case you haven’t heard he song as yet, behold. I’ve never seen this lyric video but it looks pretty cool. Hope to someday have the time and patience to make a video like that.

Spring Break

So spring break is over and I’m still not caught up with everything like I said I was going to be. Breaks just aren’t much of breaks anymore.

These blogs are fun to make but I have a lot more get caught up on. There are only a couple of weeks left for school and there’s still so much to do.

How did your break go and how on top of your game are you???

Net art gif making

Today’s assignment was fun. We learned how to put a still image over a gif. I got my picture from the NYPL and my gif from giphy. I was having some trouble with mine but Prof. Ryan helped me through it. we also learned a different method of saving our work which was recording what we were doing on the screen and cropping and saving what we wanted.

I copied the blog that I wrote for my CT 101 blog onto here and I was able to copy and paste the gif and image too, I wasn’t sure it was going to work.

My Own Website!!! :D

I made my own website a couple weeks ago but didn’t get to share my thoughts on it. So here goes. I have my very own website!!! Exciting, I know.

It was really easy making it. One thing that took some thought was the domain name. I had quite a few and had to narrow it down to one.

The only annoying part of the process was waiting for my e-mail confirmation which felt like forever to wait for.

I’m now personalizing my website. My idea was to have it revolve around baking, where I can post my cakes and pastries, and have people reach me through it. I’m not completely ready to have that running right now though, so it might mostly be my CT 101 work. It will be coming soon!!

Go check out my website! 🙂

Hey :)

Hi there to all of you that checked out my website. I’m currently working on it and will definitely be posting more things later.

Thanks for visiting my page, see you again when I post more!!!