NMSK Day or National Muslim Soup Kitchen day was on April 29. Masjid As-Siddiq participated in it this year again. We catered to 400 people this year, which is a lot more compared to our 35 people from last year. The people we catered to were spread out between 3 different locations.

I like being a part of this because it really feels good to help others when they need it. Seeing the smile on peoples face and knowing that I was a part of making that happen was all it took in return.

We were all genuinely happy to be helping and we will continue to participate in more things like this in the future. Hopefully we will be able to cater to more people also.

For the soup kitchen, I usually make the dessert. This year I made brownies and a cake. Since I am still a beginner at baking, I tried my best and had plenty of help at home. Wouldn’t have been able to make this without the tremendous support I get from my family and friends! 🙂



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